As part of our ongoing charitable donations, we recently donated 200 of our blue Duo FRIO wallets to The Pendsey Trust, a UK charity that funds diabetes care and educational opportunities for children and young people in Nagpur, India.

In India, type 1 diabetes supplies can cost families up to 70% of their household income, putting lives at risk in homes where this is simply unaffordable. Many homes in India are also without refrigeration which means that the safety of insulin can be jeopardised, especially when temperatures reach highs of 40-50°C.

Simply activated with cold water, our FRIO wallets keep insulin within the safe temperature range of 18-26°C for a minimum of 45 hours, even in temperatures above 38°C. FRIO wallets can be used daily and can be reactivated by soaking in cold water again.

The Pendsey Trust, which is run entirely by volunteers, ensures that 100% of all donations reach those in need in India. The charity also provides educational, vocational and entrepreneurial opportunities to enable patients to break the cycle of poverty and become self-sufficient with their medical costs.

Jo Fox from The Pendsey Trust, who’s son has type 1 diabetes, said: “I have met many families in India that have benefitted from our scholarships and sponsorships but was surprised to learn that they struggle to keep their insulin cool and safe.

“With temperatures regularly reaching 48°C in Nagpur and only some families having access to refrigeration, it is extremely difficult for those with type 1 diabetes to keep their insulin cool and maintain its effectiveness during the day when they are at school.

“As a parent of a type 1 child, I can’t imagine not having regular access to insulin or seeing it rendered useless through heat damage, so I am so grateful for FRIO’s donation of 200 Duo wallets – that’s enough to give every one of the children in our care a wallet each! My son uses FRIOs for his insulin and I have been really impressed with their effectiveness, ease of use and the fact that no refrigeration or electricity is needed to use them so I know how much of a difference this donation will make to our children in India. Thanks FRIO!”